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Voluspa 2 Wick Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal Holiday Candle Voluspa 2 Wick Spruce Cuttings Holiday Edition Voluspa 2 Wick Visions of Sugar Plum Holiday Edition Voluspa Laguna 2 Wick Candle Tin
Voluspa Maison Laguna 2 Wick Candle Tin. Made with Natural Apricot & Coconut wax. Hand poured Luxury candle. Fragrance: Velvet Sand and Dazzling Azure Seas. The Gentle Santa Ana Winds That Pull Warm Desert Air to Meet the Pacific. Size: 11 Oz net, 312 gm. 4.5 X 2.5 in
Voluspa Metallo - Amaranth & Jasmine Voluspa Metallo - Amber Lumiere Voluspa Metallo - Apricot & Aprillia Voluspa Metallo - Black Figue & Chypre
Hand poured luxury candle made using a coconut wax blend infused with the scent of Jasmine and Amaranth.
An exotic mixture of light amber, vanilla and Indonesian patchouli.
Sliced Apricots and aprilia lilly blooms gently fold into a heart of black rose.
Fragrance Notes: currant, black fig, chypre
Voluspa Metallo - Crisp Champagne Voluspa Metallo - Gardenia Colonia Voluspa Classic 2 Wick Maison - Lichen and Vetiver Voluspa Metallo - Pink Citron
Made with Natural Apricot & Coconut wax. Hand poured Luxury candle.
Gardenia Grandiflorum opens it’s secret heart to greet the sun, with wild white blooms of creamy velvet.
Made with Natural Apricot & Coconut wax.
Voluspa Metallo - Saijo Persimmon Voluspa Metallo - Suede Blanc Voluspa Metallo - Tuberosa Di Notte Voluspa Metallo - Vacarro Orange & Myrhh
Japanese Saijo Persimmon, considered to be the finest gourmet variety, is layered with juicy peach and red currant.
Made with Natural Apricot & Coconut wax.
Fragrance: Sweet Vacarro Orange Peel and a Hint of Cassis on a Bed of Exotic Spice Myrhh.
Voluspa Metallo - Vervaine Olive Leaf Voluspa Classic 2 Wick Maison - Warm Periq Tabaq Voluspa Metallo - Yuzu Rose Stonecrop
French lemon vervaine and crushed olive leaves with a heart of rosewood. This two wick candle comes in a tin.
Fragrance: Warm Perique Tabac, Antique Leather, And Worn Wooden Floors. A Purveyor Of Indulgences From All Over The World.
Hand poured luxury candle made using a coconut wax blend.
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