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Established in 1987, Komenuka Bijin is the child of sake manufacturer Nihonsakari. Using a blend of modern formulas and traditional Japanese methods, Komenuka Bijin rejuvenates and cleanses your skin and hair with their Paraben and Sulfate free products. Komenuka Bijin's features Rice Bran as its special cleansing ingredient. Komenuka Bijin means "Beauty Within" in Japanese.
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Komenuka Bijin Daily Shampoo Komenuka Bijin Essence Whitening Serum Komenuka Bijin Eye Moisture Jell Komenuka Bijin Moisturizer
This shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp, leaving every strand incredibly strong, smooth and silky.
This essence naturally lightens discoloration from age spots, sun damage and other effects.
Gentle eye jell to moisturize the areas around the eyes or mouth to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Light, non-greasy moisturizing facial cream.
Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Shampoo Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Treatment Komenuka Bijin NS-K Special Body Wash Komenuka Bijin NS-K Special Cleansing Gel
A Shampoo for all hair types that revitales and nourishes the hair and scalp while maximizing thickness and volume.
This concentrated conditioner combats dryness, split ends and dullness for all hair types.
Komenuka Bijin Body Wash contains rice bran, which helps to soften the skin and promote the regeneration of healthy skin.
Indulge in a fragrance-free facial cleanser that leaves the skin feeling fresh and radiant.
Komenuka Bijin NS-K Special Light Hair Treatment Komenuka Bijin NS-K Special Makeup Remover Komenuka Bijin NS-K Special SPF-25 Day Cream Komenuka Bijin Skin Care Cream
This light hair treatment helps prevent dry hair, dandruff and split ends.
This fragrance-free makeup remover gently removes makeup and cleanses pores.
Skin smooth makeup base and a light weight, waterproof sunblock providing UVA and UVB protection.
This rich luxiourious cream is rich emoillient and locks 24 hours of moisture.
Komenuka Bijin Skin Lotion Toner Komenuka Bijin UV Facial Cream SPF13 Komenuka Bijin Volumizing Hair Shampoo Komenuka NS-K Special Serum Toner
Skin lotion toner tightens the pores while moisturiing with aloe and chamomile.
A lightweight, waterproof sun-block that is PABA free, provides UVA and UVB protection.
This gentle cleanser helps prevent dry hair, dandruff and split ends.
This formula tightens the skin, tones and nourishes.